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04.VJ-TH (SUS316L type) World's First Development Successfully Launched
02.Magic Clip's Performance Certification and Domestic and Overseas Launch
01.THAI-OIL, Clean Feul project (Samsung engineering)
- Grating Fastening System supply in Philippines, Thailand
11.KIST awarded the Minister of Small and Medium Venture Business Award.
10.KIST Organized by KIPO - Certificate of Innovative Products Awarded
09.GS Caltex & GS E&C - Applying the Grating Fastening System from the MFP Project
Technip, Arctic 2 LNG project (BOMESC yard in CHINA) : Grating Fastening System supply
08.ENI, Coral FLNG project (BOMESC yard in CHINA) : Grating Fastening System supply
VJ Grating Fastening System - U.S. Patent Registration
05.Participated in Samsung Heavy Industries LNG Vaporiser System Project
04.Acquired vendor approval for AG&P Co., Ltd. of Philippine on-shore project
VJ Series-Technology development product trial purchase business selection from SBD Center
03.Registered AVL of China's ARCTIC 2 LNG PROJECT (related to YAMAL Project
Applied for 2 patents and 3 designs for VJ-TH Series (self-tapping screw type)
12.Acquired certificate of recommendation preferred purchase of outstanding inventions
07.Participated in the 1st Innovation Growth Buying Fair in Changwon Exhibition Convention Center
06.Registered official supplier of Grating / Multi-purpose Fixture Pins [VJ-T series] :
Pyeongtaek field of Samsung Engineering Co.,Ltd
03.Registered official supplier of Grating Fixture Pins [VJ series] :
Hwaseong field of Samsung Engineering Co.,Ltd
02.Acquired DNV · GL Type Approval Certificate for VJ series - Grating Fixture Pins
01.- Launched VJ-T [M8, M10, M12] self-tapping screw pin for Grating / Multi-purpose fastener
- Founded KIST.CO R&D Center
12.Patent and design application for Magic Clip to fix steel grating in On/Offshore Plant.
10.Received TBE acceptance for VJ Fastening System using in Coral Project (ENI) from SHI
09.Received acceptance for VJ Fastening System using in Samsung Semi-conductor No.2 ~ No.5
03.Delivery performance in VIKEN PJT (Tanker Series) from Norway, in SHI
12.Succeeded in localization development of spring Insert for metal deck
01.-05.Delivery performance in Specialized Vessel (Republic of Korea / foreign NAVY) from DSME
11.Achieved Certificate of DNV ? GL
09.Achieved Certificate of ABS Design Assessment
03.Registered a Design for scaffolding fixture component
02.Registered a Patent for hit assembly type fixture component
09.Achieved Certificate of ISO 9001 / CE
09.Succeeded in localization development of Grating Fixture Pin


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