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CEO Message

Company that provides a
Total solution

for grating and multi-purpose fastening system in On / Offshore Plant.

Ever since its foundation in 2015, KIST has been supplying products applied to shipbuilding & on / offshore plant of diverse industrial fileds.

First, we succeeded in localization of fastening system which use for fixing the grating, cable tray, connector, bonding equipment, other equipments on the painted or coated , high strength steel structure.

And we were acknowledged for excellence of technology and quality , cut down costs as a company of industrial VJ grating & multi-purpose fastening system.

We have become a total solution supplier for industrial grating & multi-purpose fastening by developing VJ series, the core component of our VJ fastening system expected to be a future growth engine

KIST strives to achieve customer satisfaction through strict quality control and production of highly reliable products.

With high productivity from modernized factory automation system and production management system, it produces high quality products based on an organized and standardized quality management system.

In 2018, a professional fastening system research & development center was launched to operate production of more high hardness material with corrosion resistance including highest pull-out & shear loads.

In addition, KIST will further develop and become a company that grows with customers through the new line-up of grating & multi-purpose fastening system (VJ series) ,which make use of technologies and know-hows accumulated by continued R&D investment.

KIST promises to come up to your expectations and bring happiness.

Thank you!

All of its managers and employees


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


FAX : +82.51.782.2457
Family company KL.CO.,Ltd.
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