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VJ-MC-25H / VJ-MC-32H / VJ-MC-38H / VJ-MC-40H



To fasten gratings to support bar for retraining movement in using to adjacent grating bars. it need to support bar to be installed VJ or VJ-T fastener on site to fit grating well.


Principle of VJ M-CLIP

1. VJ M-CLIP series were made of carbon steel (H.D.G or GEOMET coating) and stainless steel 304 or 316.

2. The VJ M-CLIP be installed with the VJ-T fixture pin and hex nut or flange nut.

3. Allowing fixing from the top of the grating, enabling a rapid and secure connection of grating to steel support sections. 

Advantages of VJ M-CLIP


1. Anti-corrosive, resisting to acid and alkali

2. Light weight, great load-bearing capacity, on-slip and safe, easy installation and re-using

3. Economical of materials, being solid and durable, ventilation

4. Easy to clear and attractive appearance

Application for M-CLIP of steel grating heights and type

  • VJ-MC-25H

  • VJ-MC-32H

  • VJ-MC-38H

  • VJ-MC-40H (for FRP Grating)+

VJ series & M-clip assemblies

* VJ-T fixture pin [M8] + VJ-MC-32H + HEX NUT [M8] *


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