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In progressing Thai-oil Project (in Thailand & Philippines yard)

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Writer 최고관리자 작성일21-05-21 10:17 Hits1,615

Currently, in May 2021, it is likely that a hot summer will come soon. 


Since the summer of last year, oil major: Thai-oil projects have been in full swing in Thailand and philippine yard, and are still going on. 

The project is expected to be finalized during the second half of this year.  

Although the timeline has been delayed somewhat due to the COVID-19, our company is successfully finalizing the project with the trust of the project owner and EPC contractors.


The stick built type of yard in Thailand and the module type of the Philippines combined to create a VJ Grating fastner system of about 200,000 sets.  Other national project managers are also interested in the quality and reliability of our products. 


We will continue to be a global grating fastener company that supplies excellent products with constant development and effort.  

Feel free to contact us with us, as we will provide you with samples and technical support. 


Thank you.

Best regards,


Technical & Sales Manager,

Mr. Woo







If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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