VJ Series

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VJ Series


VJ-T (M7xM8) - SUS

VJ-T (Screw-in) - SUS



VJ-T[M7xM8] SUS630 Fixture Pin
A new technology of Grating & Multi-purpose Fastening System

Principle of VJ-T Fixture Pin

    • The VJ-T Fixture pin can be used as an alternative to the welds and bolts used to attach materials to structual  steel and for fastening applications in onshore / shipbuilding and offshore plants.
    • The VJ-T Fixture pin series were made of forged and integral, Taptite (Self-screw type). 
    • Taptite thread will be screwed in into a pre-drilled hole. and taptite screw is tapping its own internal mating threads when installed into base material.

Advantages of VJ-T Fastening System

           For base material th'k ≥ 6.0mm, the fastener is intended to be set in a pre-drilled pilot hole.
         The advantages of pilot hole is no through penetration of the base material therefore no rework of the protective surface coating on the back side is needed. 

    • No maintenance – No corrosion – No inspection – No painting damage
    • Work Efficiency – Easy / quick installation ( Only 15 seconds for VJ-T fastener installation )
    • High safe – No drop hazard – longer durability
    • Easy removal / reinstall for maintenance

Application for Grating Fastening

VJ-T [M7xM8]

Application for Multi-purpose Fastening

VJ-T [M7xM10] / VJ-T [M7xM12]

Structure of VJ-T Fixture Pin

  • Material : SUS630
  • Feature
    • Forged Integral type [KIST Patent]
    • High pull-out / shear load through taptite screw (triangle thread)
    • Salt spray test ≥ 720 hr - No visible red rust
    • Strong durability of corrosion


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